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Trivent Systems Inc. has the domain expertise, versatility and flexibility to cater even to the most rigorous customer demands.

Adding Value

Trivent Systems Inc. offers solutions that have stood the test of time. We are sensitive to quality and timeline. Our Clients & Partners have always looked up to us for our dependability.


Our approach isn’t unique; but it is disciplined. Our client managers are adept at handling requirements and are proactive in whatever they do.


All our associates are subject to rigorous, on-the-job training, continually. We provide regular skill-enhancement and customer-specific training to the team thus helping them be up-to-date.

We help you to Grow

Trivent Systems Inc. enables law firms to create more efficient, effective, innovative and virtualized business models. Speak to our customer relationship manager to know more.


Trivent’s experienced advisors work closely with our Customers/Partners to ensure perfection in the deliverables. Our process are coupled with stringent quality procedures and ensures accuracy.

Top Team


Our team has developed considerable experience in probing into the medical records of a huge number of cases in the areas of Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice and Mass Tort 



The effectiveness of evidence-based-medicine lies not only in the substantiation of facts but also in supporting the evidence with enthralling and convincing medical literature.  We do research for leading medical device manufacturer by providing sound medical literature in support of its quality assurance in a concise interactive methodology such as questions and answers helping them to identify deviations in the standard of care even in the early stages of their litigation



We have developed content for a customized application called “MedMal Navigator” in which we researched on 150 types of medical malpractice cases and provided substantiative literature in the form of citations thus assisting the firm in designing their standard of care Analysis component in the MedMal Navigator application. We now have renewed the development contract and are working on about 100 product liability cases in a similar fashion.

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Our highly responsive sales & support teams revert very quickly to your requests. So, reach out to us and we will ensure that we get back to you at the earliest.